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Oct 10, 2012 4:00am EDT
. >> okay, sixuan, thanks for that. >>> it says merging giants. they may not be. defense giants bae and eads have until the end of the day to decide whether they can get together or scrap plans. they'll be locked in talks to the last minute with hints that germany is ready to block a deal, and a spokesman has already confirmed there will be no announcement. william hague spoke about it. >> we've got a good record in recent years in having defense projects, such as the typhoon aircraft with other european countries. but the relationship with the united states, our strategic relationship and technological relationship with the united states is indispensable to us. so, of course, it is necessary for us to be able to continue in both those directions simultaneously. and that's a very important consideration. any such merger of this kind. >> and joining us for more is the director at chatham hasram. they came out against the deal. so that was from a shareholder's point of view. what about from a uk defense point of view? are there political risks in allowing this to go ahead? >> the biggest polit
Oct 8, 2012 4:00am EDT
britain's largest businesses are adopting more defensive strategies. this is one of the latest findings of the deloitte cfo service. they were asked what their views are on the current operating environment. joining us with more, chief economist at deloitte. good to see you. i suppose we had a record second quarter of declines. >> confidence went through the floor back in june on the result of what's going on in the euro area. you've seen a bit of a bounce. risk appetite up is bit so i think cfos are looking at the same things the equity markets are looking at, qe-3 in the states, ecb bond buying. but the interesting thing is the underlying stock support is getting rather more defensive, they're more focused on cash. if respect. >> so what can he can to in terms of laying confidence?f re >> so what can he can to in terms of laying confidence?espe >> so what can he can to in terms of laying confidence?ct. >> so what can he can to in terms of laying confidence?. >> so what can he can to in terms of laying confidence? >> so what can he can to in terms of laying confidence? >> a lot of conc
Oct 11, 2012 4:00am EDT
that are probably quite conservative and defensive. even in the secondary side where people are placing book build, you've seen stocks trade up in the after market. i think european investors are look at their allocations and deciding maybe this would be a good time to issue the issuance calendar. >> so he was talking about equities and he also went on to discuss what's going on on the debt side. and of course we've seen such activity in high yield. it seems everyone at the conference was talking about high yield when ask you where is the opportunity and action. they see it there. a no one feels like this is the end of psych chel is so remarkable because there are signs of almost frothing. >> everyone going we know this is very expensive, we know there's a lot of money going into it, and yet we can't help ourselves. we have to have some more. is it that kind of feeling? >> it was almost like this is going to be a catalyst to help develop the market further. so they're still seeing its as an area of opportunity. and unless this is the very end of the cycle, we could have years left in the credit bo
Oct 9, 2012 4:00am EDT
strategy later take. just a day left before the deadline on this deal. reuters quoting the british defense secretary saying they will discuss the proposed mernl merger. the company hasn't decided whether to ask for an extension of time or not. >> hard to imagine they won't. >> absolutely with a deal this size with so much still to be worked out. the imf, though, saying the global economic slow down is worsening as it cut its slow down for the second time since april. u.s. fiscal cliff is one of the top issues. here onset with us is chris whatley from long view economics. welcome. do you agree with the imf this is something everyone should be worried about? >> absolutely. there is a lot of risk in the global economy at the moment and fiscal cliff is clearly one. but in some shape or some form depending on the outcome of the election, there will be some fiscal timing into the states next year. china is disappointing, euro remains in recession and the industrial side of the states is in a recession, as well. so it's will that as if the major regions of the world, the u.s. consumer is the only
Oct 12, 2012 4:00am EDT
, financials are probably still undervalued. its owe been lar it's been largely a defensive rally. so things like utility, health care, staples, those are the things that are overvalued right now. so banks could actually have a night little rally. >> it depends a huge amount on what happens with the eurozone. >> the u turn -- well, we're reading the potential for a u turn on the banking union and that would be probably fairly negative because that risk sharing is somewhat important. so we'll see how that paps out. the process of -- there's so much uncertainties still for banks. we don't know what all of the renlgs lagss will look like. and that has a major impact. >>. >> so it's still out there and we didn't know what it looks like. >> and we have the pboc governor talking. >> a little news here. the vice governor saying that chinese currency has been hitting high this is week and china put together a package to support growth over the summer that package is focused on quality of life projects. results expected to be seen in the fourth quarter. full year growth around 7.8%. inflation pressur
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5